Question by  babu74 (3)

How should I treat a blister from a sunburn?

I am blistering from a really bad sunburn and need suggestions on how to treat it.


Answer by  Britt (453)

First, don't try and rupture the blisters, let them do that on their own. Apply a medicated first aide spray such as Solarcaine, twice a day. Then apply antibacterial ointment once they rupture to stop infection. Wash area daily, pat dry with towels, and treat pain with pain killers.


Answer by  jp1999 (231)

Keep the area clean. Take care not to rupture the blister. The application of a medicated first aid spray, such as Solarcaine, is recommended 2 times a day.

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Aloe Vera is less expensive and is available with an anesthetic. It will relieve the pain. AV has mild antiseptic as well healing properties.

Bath with cool water and gently pat dry the drops of water. Whatever, do not rub the area.  add a comment

Answer by  sham (110)

sunburns leads to blisters and that can be cured when you wash the area with water and apply antibacterial ointment. Blisters should not be scratched or pierced off.


Answer by  candyhowell (23)

do not bust it! Only use aloe vera lotion on it if the blister is not very big. Aloe Vera directly form the plant works faster. If it is that bad.. seek medical treatment!


Answer by  jennbby821 (0)

i got my sunburn on wednesday and it it now friday, my lips are blistered along with my chin. I applied ice the first day to tkae some heat off, and ive been using carmax and its just making my skin oily, best advice? go to the doctors!! God Bless

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