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Question by  debi1954 (81)

How do you go about treating blisters?

I keep getting them on my feet.


Answer by  twstrldy (19)

Using ice packs to bring the swelling down. Please do not use a heated/sterilized needle or paper clip to poke the blister down as this quite often causes infection. The blister is caused from the capillaries filling with oxygen to protect from infection.


Answer by  ssjcornbread (6)

Try to wear shoes that are the correct size. A lot of times people wear shoes that are too small. Going to a department/shoe store and having a salesperson correctly size your foot is helpful. Also, maybe try to change your socks throughout the day. Clean socks equals happy feet.


Answer by  Connie45 (1110)

Are you wearing socks with shoes? If not, this can cause blisters. Make sure your feet are dry when you wear shoes. Also you might try putting foam or gel inserts into your shoes. Do not pop the blisters, but you can put a Band-Aid on them. Try putting some baby powder in your shoes, as moister can cause blisters.


Answer by  sarah0045 (186)

If the blister is filled with fluid, puncture with a clean needle. Keep the skin attached on the blister, don't remove it. Clean with antisepic and allow to dry.

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