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Question by  crazycool (145)

What can I do to treat red irritated skin?

My skin has become very red and irritated, I am not sunburned and have no idea what is going on.


Answer by  patti (29325)

You may contact or irritant dermatitis, which causes the surface of the skin to be red and irritated. This can be caused by a reaction to chemicals (soap, lotion, perfume) or an allergy to certain fibers (e. g. , wool). If you have started using new products, stop. Make an appointment to see your physician if it doesn't improve soon.


Answer by  LovesPets (36)

You may have exzcema, it is a skin condition, basically really really dry skin hat shows up as a dry red patch that may be very itchy. Try hydricortizone cream.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Wash the skin with a bit of vinagar in the rinse water to neutralize any chemicals on the skin, and then apply aloe vera gel and vitamin e oil to the skin to protect it and help it heal.


Answer by  Annie82 (373)

It's probably eczema and you can get special creams (through a dermatologist). Petroleum jelly works great, it's just really messy.

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