Question by  abc25 (196)

Is Mongoose a good mountain bike?

I'm just getting into the sport.


Answer by  bstew30 (7)

Mongoose mountain bikes are generally high quality bikes. I have several friends who ride these bikes and the only real con to this bike is it's appeal to be stolen. If you decide to invest in this product, make sure to also invest in a good bike lock. These bikes are the best looking in my opinion.


Answer by  dar25 (123)

For a beginner, a Mongoose bike is a good choice. They are very affordable and easy to repair. You may want to carefully inspect the bike and use the owners manual to be certain the bike has been assembled properly.


Answer by  Alex (23)

Though poorly worded, Mongoose is a great bike brand. They are cheap so far as mountain bikes go, and they are obnoxiously durable. That being said, if you manage to break your bike, there is a possibility that it will be cheaper to just buy a new one. For a starting bike, they are good.


Answer by  danielfleck (27)

I terms of It is a Walmart exclusive brand and they make skateboards also. But there is the mentalitly that if you pratice with bad equipment it will make you better...just food for thought.


Answer by  Gillian52 (12)

Mongoose is a good bike company but those bikes are made for BMX riders. I do have a Mongoose mountain bike and I absolutely love it. look around at the sports stores to see which one you like best before making final decision.


Answer by  beck (1099)

If you plan on actually using on off-road trails then no. Ever since Mongoose started selling at Wal-Mart the quality has gone down significantly. They are heavy and the components are not of high quality anymore. Spend the extra money and buy a bike that will take the abuse.


Answer by  edwin33 (88)

Mongoose mountain bikes always proves it's trust towards mountain biking.Usually mountain bikes lacks in comfort during riding but Mongoose always offers a high end comfort and extreme grip for dangerous Biking situations.

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