Question by  sumaya (31)

How do you erase cell phone memory?

I need to erase the memory on my phone.


Answer by  praveen02 (33)

To erase the cellphone memory,just go on to settings and then to phone settings and then go to memory settings and click on for options and then press delete option or else go on for memory card option and then press the delete option.


Answer by  nikit (92)

If you want to erase all of the memory on your cell phone you can perform a master reset which can be found in the settings menu on your phone.


Answer by  guyzer450 (188)

you can either do this manually one by one which takes much time. Or bring it in to your cell phone dealer and have them do this, or you can erase all your calls through your call log, you can also do this through your messages menu. For all memory you could also replace your memory card.


Answer by  timerunning (805)

Go to the main database of our phone and there, it should say to clear everything and have your phone like it was when you first bought it.


Answer by  Lisa50 (493)

Erasing cell phone memory is not as easy as it sounds. If you are not into electronics, it can be a pain. But there is a solution. There is a website out there that can erase your cell phone memory with easy follow instructions. You can just put in your manufacturer's information, and you are off to a great start.


Answer by  Anonymous

how do you clear memory on your samsung r450

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