Question by  court123 (21)

What could be wrong if the DVD player will not load the DVD?

I have tried several different DVD's in my factory installed DVD player for my van and none of them will load.


Answer by  worker5353 (85)

It could be likely that there is a problem with the laser, you could be begin by trying out a laser cleaning kit.


Answer by  suvankarc (173)

DVD, also known as Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc, is an optical disc storage media format compact discs.


Answer by  worker8121 (244)

The lens in the DVD player may be dirty, or the region code on the DVD player doesn't match the DVDs. Region 1 is North America.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

You could have a sensor unit on your player. If your sensor has gone out then you will need to repair it. If it cost more to repair you may just want to re buy.

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