Question by  pattiG (45)

How many pictures will a 2G sd memory card hold?


Answer by  dwammer (710)

A 2G memory card holds about 810 pictures. A larger memory card will hold more pictures. For example a 4G memory card holds double the pictures. A lot of it depends on what format picture you are taking. Raw formats take up more room.


Answer by  elb (1105)

This depends on the megapixels for your camera, and your settings. Photos in JPEG take less space than RAW; the number of megapixels determines files size. Check the camera's manual - there's usually a chart in the back with this information. At least 90RAW and 300JPG for as 12MP camera.


Answer by  Ellyzi (31)

It will depend on the quality of the picture. The higher quality picture the less photos you can put on the card. If i had to guess I would say on average 75 to 120 pictures. The bigger the card the more you can hold on one card, but make sure you save the pictures to a computer as backup.


Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

That depends on the resolution of the pictures you are taking. The higher the resolution, the more detail there will be and the individual pictures will then be larger in size. If you set something to a higher resolution, a 2 gigabyte SD memory card should be able to hold a couple hundred. If you reduce the resolution, around 450.


Answer by  jarett (18)

2GB of memory card can usually hold an average of 160 pictures for a decent size of 1MB-1.5MB/file, 1MB-1.5MB is an ideal size and resolution for web posting and prints


Answer by  dogasomer (17)

The total number of pictures that a 2gb sd memory card holds, depends on the resolution (megapixels) of the camera.

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