Question by  balamuralijul14yahoocoin86 (17)

Will blueray DVD players play regular DVD's?

I have plans to purchase a blueray DVD player in the near future and am concerned that I will not be able to play my childrens dvd's after I do.


Answer by  MarkSmith (46)

Most blueray players will play DVDs just fine. It is worth checking the DVD region if you have disks that were released outside of the US.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

Yes, blue ray players play both Blueray DVDs and regular DVDs. Though I would recommend that you get an LCD of Plasma TV so that way you can experience all the awesome high definition images. I would personally just buy a PS3 so I have more bang for my buck, but that is just me. Enjoy your wonderful movie experience.


Answer by  bleh (93)

With very few exceptions any blue ray player manufactured in the last 12 months should have no problem playing standard DVDs. R Some blue ray players offer up-sampling which improves the picture quality of regular dvd's. Blue Ray does not imply high def though. Have lots of fun with your purchase!


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Dvd drives and player are usually always backward compatible. The new bluray format is basically a extension of the old format. Any drive that can read a bluray disk should have no problem reading a standard dvd. For instance the PS3 can play bluray, standard dvd, cd, ps1 disks, ps2 disks, as well as ps3 disks.


Answer by  Blu4u (14)

Yes a Bluray player can play standard dvds in any normal fashion as a regular dvd player would play a dvd, however, this is a slight difference in the two, meaning that on a blu ray player you will see a slight quality reduction in your standard dvd, but this will not alter the disc in any manner.

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