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Question by  Aqua (130)

How many women die during childbirth?


Answer by  Wacheta (10)

The actual number is currently unkown due to the popularity and increase of freebirthing. Freebirthing is when a woman decides to have her baby naturally at home, but unassisted by any medial personnel. However, the number of women recorded dying in childbirth is 12 for every 100,000 women.


Answer by  dancprncss6 (59)

The mortality rate has actually risen recently with obesity and the rate of c-sections. At present, 12 per 100,000 live births according to 2003 statistics which does not seem a lot, but as the number has been increasing it is an alarming situation.


Answer by  Nancy0831 (42)

Aproximately 529,000 women die during childbirth each year. There are five major reasons that this happens. They are hemorrhage, infections, getting unsafe abortions, eclampsia, and obstructed labor.


Answer by  Pamelabud (42)

Due to modern medical advances, the risk of women dying during childbirth is very small, though, a study has shown it as at the highest it has been in decades.


Answer by  StaceyM (39)

Most healthy woman who are ready to start a family can enjoy great health during pregnancy and delivery. Remember, you body is designed for this.


Answer by  seshanranjhan (87)

Women die during childbirth is based on the treatment, facility of the hospital etc. In average one to three for every thousand is the ratio of women death during childbirth.

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