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Question by  Benim (18)

How long can a submarine stay under the water?


Answer by  coral (54)

A modern nuclear submarine can stay under water for months at a time. The length of time it can stay submerged is limited by it's food supply onboard. Breathing air can be generated on board by the electrolysis of water. Fresh water is generated from seawater by reverse osmosis.


Answer by  NeedForSpeed (16)

Submarines are capable of producing air, water, and power so the only limitation for submarines is their food supply. Submarines can stay submerged until the food is depleted.


Answer by  Angelis (40)

Normally a submarine can stay underwater for 90 days or as long as there is enough food for the crew members on board.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

A nuclear submarine could stay underwater for as long as several months, if it were not limited by the capacity for food storage for the crew.


Answer by  Anonymous

Russian submarines have stayed submerged for decades.

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