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Question by  delta55 (36)

How hard is the Meteos game for Nintendo DS?

I heard it is too hard for me.


Answer by  Firemonkey5 (20)

The difficulty is different from person to person. If you are good at planning ahead, and can move your hands quickly and with precision, then Meteos will be easy for you. Having started out pretty bad, I quickly got better as I spent more time playing. The game might be hard at first, but it becomes pretty easy with practice.


Answer by  Faiaz (35)

Meteos is a easy game for all age of players. It requires some concentration and quick decision making skills. This game is simple Block like game in other game stations. The difference is when you align 3 same blocks, instead of vanishing they rocket up with the blocks above them. It has 32 different levels and they are easy enough.


Answer by  pryoplasm (444)

Meteos is a game that strikes a good balance. It is easy for people to pick up, but it still can be challenging to more experienced gamers. Try it out, it was very fun for me to play, and I'd recommend it.

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