Question by  mtnwmn (17)

How effective is spray on window tint?

I would like to tint my windows myself and was going to attempt the spray on window tint but am afraid it will a waste of money.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

A lot of people have varying opinions on spray tint. If you mess the up it will take much more work to clean the tint off if they are sprayed. The film is cheap and will probably give you a lot less trouble.


Answer by  tyler (60)

Spray on tints such as VHT Nightshades are very tricky to work with and will eventually peel and crack off. Your best bet is to save up some money and take the car to a professional tint shop.


Answer by  zac (40)

In my opinion i would not use spray on window tint. After awhile it will start scraping off of the window. Another problem with it if you are thinking of a black tint it will most likely turn to a purplish shade.


Answer by  oui72 (514)

In order not to waste time and effort bring it to a proper installer. I am afraid the problem will show later if tint is not properly installed. It needs accurate cutting to the edge. It needs proper coating. Tint films bubbles. And besides installation will not cost you so much.

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