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Question by  Heather75 (47)

Where do I install a garage exhaust fan: the window, wall or ceiling?

I refinish furniture and do a lot of paint spraying.


Answer by  RoxisRunner (87)

A Exhaust fan should always be installed on the ceiling. That is because the exhaust is usually hot thus causing it to rise. If the exhaust was on the window or on the wall it would not be as effective as if it was on the ceiling. Also it allows for a more direct venting method outside.


Answer by  DIY2010 (6)

Where you install a garage exhaust fan depends on the configuration of your garage. The ceiling can work well but you may have to work through wiring and insulation issues. The wall is always a good choice because you have direct access to the outside.


Answer by  ideaspack (5)

Dear Friend, You should install garage exhaust fan in Window. It's safe and secure. Usually Garage includes a lot of watery particles and dust. Which needs better place to go out. Ceiling is bit over the top and fan can be damaged by the hose pipe. While in wall you may need a separate window extra.


Answer by  br657 (167)

I would install a couple of fans. The first in the wall, near the area where you work. The reason being, it will remove the fumes from the spray paint. The second fan I would install would be in ceiling. This fan would be used to circulate air in the gargage, thus doubling ventilation.

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