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Question by  markerr (15)

Will spraying roundup on mature tree bark cause problems with the tree?

I have mature trees in my yard and had to spray the area with roundup, after contact some of the bark is coming off.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

IT depends on which type you used. there are several varieties of lawn care chemicals available. SOme of them are safe to other plants some will kill them off. If you used a variety that can kill other plants it could very well kill off the smaller of your trees.


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

Roundup is poison to almost all plants although it usually won't kill mature trees. The bark falling off is a bad sign because all the tree sap travels up and down in the layer between the wood and the bark. The trees might die.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well it will affect the bark. Some of the bark will come off. It is not very good to spray it on. What are you spraying the round up for? Is it for termites and insects? If not use a low quality affecting ingredient such as raid and it will do the trick.


Answer by  jangell700 (101)

Yes it would cause trouble because Round-up is to kill everything it touches in the plant world. Sometimes it will stunt the growth or simply pause it for a while. Just be careful and wash off the plants if you get something on them and want to save them.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

It shouldn't bother the trees just by getting on the bark it is a herbacide for weeds only. But what may have happened was when you sprayed it, it got on the ground and went into the ground and got to the roots of the trees.

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