Question by  Tim (16)

How does one become a forensic professional?

I am very interested in forensic science and would love more information on it.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Most forensic professionals have a degree in biology or chemistry. Experience in the military is also a good route. There are programs available if you already have a degree.


Answer by  Avria (187)

An undergraduate degree in chemistry, biology or natural sciences like biochemistry, pre-med, microbiology is needed. Also a a 2 year degree course in MSFS is ideal.


Answer by  ShirleyThaler (39)

First narrow down the type of work you would like to do (working in the lab verses working in the feild). You will then need to find a school with a degree program for forensics. There are some on-line universities with these degree programs.


Answer by  Totti (47)

You have to get a degree from an accredited university. You can then go on to get your master degree in a specialized field.

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