Question by  kepke (46)

Where can I purchase a forensic camera?

I would like to own a forensic camera.


Answer by  dogasomer (17)

You can use a high megapixel camera as a forensic camera. For example canon 5d mark II which is 24 MP, will provide enough data for your forensic scenes.


Answer by  Chandon1313 (32)

You can buy a camera on the company's show room which brand you selected. It will be better for you.


Answer by  sundayReed (62)

The ones I see on CSI use macro lenses and macro flashes on DSLRs. Thats all they are


Answer by  rigormortis (13)

You can trying do an online search for "forensic camera. " You may even try checking out a forensics magazine. It may give you some leads.

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