Question by  Steve82 (68)

How do you write a letter to ask for sponsorships?

I need sponsors for a charity run.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

Make sure it has a very professional look and feel. Use first class stationery that is emblazoned with your name and other pertinent information. Clearly state your purpose, who it will benefit and how it can help them in return. Also state who else you intend to ask and if anyone else has come on board as yet.


Answer by  Bobbie14 (23)

The letter should be polite but confident. Ask for help, not for you but for the charity in a way that shows you have others already sponsoring you. Stress the good you can do and how they can help by simply sponsoring this charity work. You can give sponsorship credibility if you can show where they can see the results.


Answer by  baesechr (72)

If you are looking for large dollar amount sponsors, research companies that have a relationship with the charity or field. You could approach medical related firms for a run that raises money for disease research. When you write the letter introduce yourself and tell your story. Your story should explain your personal connection to the charity or cause.


Answer by  wj (646)

Keep it short and polite. If you have a personal reason for choosing that particular charity, explain it briefly but don't be overly sentimental as people may feel emotionally blackmailed into sponsoring you and this may put them off. Mainly, you should highlight exactly what the charity does and how any money raised will help to further the charity's work.

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