Question by  rfrancis (15)

How do you write a persuasive letter?

I need to explain to my third grader how to write a persuasive letter.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

A persuasive letter states a position and then defends it with facts. For example: I want ice cream. Ice cream has calcium. It won't ruin my supper. You promised.


Answer by  RN2be (138)

They do it all the time when they try to convince you to let them do something they shouldn't, or get something they shouldn't. Tell them to do the same when they're writing a persuasive letter. Give the reasons, and teach them to think about how the other person would react, and write preemptively to address those issues.


Answer by  herzog (555)

I would tell your child a persuasive letter presents clear reasons why your goal should be reached. These reasons should overcome any objections the recipient of the letter may have.

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