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Question by  worker426978 (21)

How do you wire an exhaust fan?


Answer by  bjs555 (42)

An exhaust fan should be wired as a standard AC appliance. In the US, the black wire is hot, the white wire is neutral, and the green wire is ground. If the fan is to be switched, wire the switch so it interrupts current through the hot wire.


Answer by  hollowman (81)

it completely depends on the unit you are wiring but the basics remain the same, you want a positive and a negative feed of electricity say from a battery and then a variable resistance wire to act as a control to alter the speed. alternatively you can install an on/off switch.


Answer by  ANZ (10)

Make sure that the exhaust fan is already installed. Then put the power cable into the power supply, switch the exhaust fan on.

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