Question by  OnlyOne1 (9)

Do I really need a microwave with an exhaust fan?


Answer by  Kaye (168)

If you're going to mount your microwave on the wall above your oven then you really need an exhaust fan. If it's a portable microwave then you don't have to.


Answer by  Alex513 (5)

sometimes no , because the microwave itself have a cooling fan that works to lower the high temperature and expel the hot air from the cooling vents , but also yes if it's in a very hot environment become the cooling fan or the cooling vents have their limits .


Answer by  carolyn15 (45)

I don't feel that a microwave with an exhaust fan is a necessity. You can use the front burners when cooking something that produces a lot of steam.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

All microwaves these days have exhaust fans (u.s. microwaves atleast). SO it doesnt matter which model you buy (unless it is second hand), all newer microwaves have an exhaust fan.

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