Question by  peregra (23)

How do you use a 4-4 defense?

I need to learn to use a 4-4 defense.


Answer by  nanook (605)

The 4-4 defense is based on speed and intelligence. The top priority is to stop the run. In order to to this you need 4 down line men and 4 line backers.


Answer by  akfa (7)

4-4 defense is to defend against the running game of an opposing offense. It consists of your strongest tacklers stacked on the line of scrimmage. Four lineman, four linebackers playing 3 to 5 yards off of them, two corner backs, and one safety in the deep middle of the field.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

A 4-4 defense is when you use four defensive lineman (two tackles and two ends), and four linebackers (2 inside or middle, and 2 outside or weakside/strongside), this accounts for the eight players.

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