Question by  Cathi (31)

What is a good homemade pepper spray defense?

I need a good homemade pepper spray defense.


Answer by  Dogless (159)

Make homemade pepper spray by soaking ground seeds of habanero peppers in vodka. Defend yourself from homemade pepper spray by leaving the poor woman alone.


Answer by  tnnair (186)

Take some cleaned dried pepper, heat it and put into the coffee grinder. Grind it till become powder. Remove the pepper powder from the grinder and filter the rough powder to get good one. The filtered powder should be put into a dried and cleaned bottle or tin to preserve.


Answer by  spragoo (1500)

Nothing will work as well as what they make in a factory because they are able to "intensify" their product at the factory. Put 2/3's water and 1/3 baby oil in a small bottle and mix that with Cayenne pepper and habenaro hot sauce. That should do the trick!

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