Question by  Lisa24 (34)

How do you transplant a holly bush?

I have three holly bushes that I need to move from one flower bed to another and would like instructions.


Answer by  terry82 (191)

Dig around the circumference of the drip line. Cut off as little of the roots as possible. Dig the new hole 1. 5 the width and 2. 0 the depth. Put the plant in. Fill the hole 1/3 and put water up were you filled. Repeat the process until you're done.


Answer by  calamityjean (173)

Transplanting should be done in early spring or in the fall. Dig around the dripline of the shrub, leaving plenty of soil around the roots. Water well the following year.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

You go to the holly bush with a shovel and proceed to dig it out with at least 6 inches around the entire diameter of the bush. Your done.


Answer by  anne (336)

It is a two-step manipulation. First this fall you need to prune the roots of the holly bushes, using a spade to section the roots around the bush. Then next spring, you can uproot the bushes with a large enough root ball.

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