Question by  Pauletta (24)

How do I go about fertilizing an American holly?

I have two American hollies that I would like to take good care of.


Answer by  Brett32 (22)

You must fertilize an American Holly tree once a year, preferably using a slow-release fertilizer. I recommend using a fertilizer that is made for acid-loving plants. However, make sure not to over-fertilize the tree and follow the instructions carefully. American Holly trees will benefit from a yearly mulch of used coffee grounds and show best results when using acid-rich soils.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

Some plants need no fertilizing and can be damaged from excess feedings. Ask your nursery what they think for sure. You should be fine planting it in rich soil


Answer by  pandora18 (74)

One thing is for certain watch your nitrogen levels when you are fertilizing the American Holly! If you use to much nitrogen you will not have as many blooms but a lot of leaves. One of the best solutions is to use a time released fertilizer so the appropriate amounts will be used when you water.


Answer by  lorel (274)

American Holly has simple needs. Most likely you don't need to add anything to your soil. In the unlikely event, you do need fertilizer, Miracle Grow should do the trick.


Answer by  tschu (417)

These trees need to be fertilized in early spring or late fall. Make sure to buy a fertilizer made to feed acid loving broad leaved evergreens. Another tip is to make sure you keep mulch or sand around the base of the tree to protect the roots.


Answer by  drew76 (146)

Because the American holly is sensitive to fertilizer, you only need to fertilize once a year with a fertilizer made especially for plants that thrive on high acidity. Once or twice a year you can put some used coffee grounds to give it an 'extra kick' in fertilizer.

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