Question by  Sara (14)

What should I know about trimming holly bushes?

I have a lot in the yard of my new house and it seems like they need trimming.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Not all kinds of holly bushes are trimmed at the same time, therefore, know the kind you own. Cold winter months is the time to do this. Clear out dead debris and prune from the "inside out". Prune branches above the new leaf buds or back to main branch.


Answer by  wmgcgirl12 (293)

Once they reach the desired size, prune them yearly in December. Don't try and shape them into anything geometrical. Let them be natural looking. Thin out thick areas and remove dead branches. Don't be afraid to really thin it out. It will be a healthier bush. Don't use hedge trimmers and use your clippings for Holiday decorations.


Answer by  memes1981 (52)

The best time to prune a holly bush is in early winter, but if you missed that some light pruning in the spring is fine. You want to prune the bush to maintain the best natural shape. If they need heavy pruning then they will probably not bear many berries in the fall.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Prune the holly bushes in the winter, December is best, as trimming them in the summer time results in a reduced amount of berries.


Answer by  worker4311 (77)

Trim holly bushes when they are dormant in the winter. Trimming in the summer would potentially stress out the plant and cut back on its berry production. Never trim more than 25% of the plant in any given year. Not all hollies need annual pruning. Check with your local nursery.


Answer by  inkbaubles (10)

Apparently the winter months are the best time for holly bush trimming (no wonder they're so omnipresent around the holiday season, right?).


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

They are a super hardy plant all you will ever have to do when you trime them is always wait til spring to do it. And then when you do trim them make sure you only take the brown part make sure you are never cutting anything green or the plant will die back from the cut.

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