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Question by  emma (14)

How do I transplant Butterfly Bushes?


Answer by  Wayne (129)

To ensure a good take on the root system you want a well drained soil with partial to full sun. Dig up the root ball or as much as possible and put it in its new hole and then back fill around the roots. Then tamp the dirt around the plant. This will help stabilize the new plants home.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

A moist, sunny area makes a great home for this plant. Dig bush gently and get as much of root system as you can. Place in new area, gently placing roots and plant in hole, cover and water frequently. Remember roots have to grab hold. Prune back in winter/spring.


Answer by  Williamdog (10)

First cut the butterfly bush down to about 6" tall, dig around the base of the bush, you can divide the roots if you want, try to keep two to three good roots per each bush, replant in another location.


Answer by  DactyL (326)

Gently dig out the root system, transplant it to a spot with drainable soil in sunlight. Water it often until the roots can take hold.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

First I would cut then back. Then in the fall or early spring dig them out and plant then elsewhere. Give then a good dose of fertilizer that is recommended for these plants.

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