Question by  loslosbaby (33)

How do you take apart a doorknob?

I need to change the lock on my bedroom door, and need step by step instructions on how to disassemble the unit to install the new knob.


Answer by  teacher44 (80)

Turn the screws on the part that fits up against the door to the left and remove them. Then pull out the doorknob and the parts will just come out.


Answer by  vijay65 (16)

first unscrew and pull it carefully out when in door open condition and buy the new one like the same and fix it and screw it properly


Answer by  Abbie (282)

It is actually pretty simple. There is one screw that you unscrew to take the old one off. Remember how it came off! Put the new one on the opposite.


Answer by  luckyhappy (90)

Most knobs require you to remove the screws. Get access by pushing on a wire or force back a cover. Or saw off the knob of with a hacksaw.

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