Question by  Adaamrf77 (23)

How do you start gauges for ears?

I know you cannot start out with big earrings.


Answer by  LadyBug4 (168)

You can start with standard 16 ga. earrings, then work in 14 ga. ones with a little triple antibiotic ointment to make it easier to squeeze them in, and so on, until you stretch them to the size gauge you want. There are also ear-stretchers to buy pretty cheap, too.


Answer by  DavidMegenis (117)

Gauging requires a slow and patient owner. You have to first pierce your ears with a standard 18g earring. After a month of healing the piercing, you can slide the next size in. One month is the minimum time you should go up in size.


Answer by  Rhai (16)

Gauging ears can be done several ways, you can either have a piercer gauge them for you by piercing your ears with a bigger needle or you can stretch them.


Answer by  JAM87 (111)

Actually you can go to a body mod place and have your ears cut to fit a bigger gauge earring, but it's not how i did it. When i gauged my ears i used different size earrings and barbells. start off with one, then add more as you can to stretch your ear.

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