Question by  waxy (1)

Can an ear infection cause swelling in the gums?

I had a sore ear and around the same time, my gums started swelling. I have mild fever and sweats.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

It could be the ear infection, but it could be something else, like a throat infection such as Monoucleosis or it could be Meningitis or tonsillitis. Anything associated with a fever and swelling needs to be examined by a doctor right away. Of course, if you're already on antibiotics for the ear infection, the swelling could be from something else.


Answer by  duel (79)

It is possible. The best bet however, is to go to a doctor as soon as possible. An ear infection can lead to other illnesses if not treated as soon as it occurs. Webmd is also a good site to get answers to problems like ear infections and swelling in the gums.


Answer by  lolly2881 (12)

Symptoms of a ear infection and swollen gums can be a complication of a sinus infection. The sinuses swell and can cause irritation in the upper teeth and ears.


Answer by  2252525jena (282)

Yes, they are often interconnected. Sounds like you have a serious cold. You will need to get an antibiotic from the doctor.

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