ear  hair


Question by  danni (17)

What is the best way to get rid of ear hair?

I do not want to start looking like that guy from sixty minutes, so please tell me how to remove my ear hair.


Answer by  nchang (67)

The easiest way to remove ear hair is to first consider how much hair needs to be removed and then choose the appropriate appliance. Slight to moderate amounts of ear hair can be easily removed with a tweezer, while larger amounts are easier to maintain with a battery operated trimmer.


Answer by  ryanhill (40)

the best way would either to use a electric razor or a pair of tweezers. the electric razor would be the quickest way though.


Answer by  shorty23 (177)

Trying using a special kind of scissors, like the small metal scissors that comes with a sewing machine. Simply cut the hair carefully that is hanging out of your ears. If you don't have the scissors, you use a razor blade, carefully shave off the ear, like you would do shaving your facial hair.

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