Question by  Sam65 (198)

How do you repair wicker furniture, please include list of tools needed?

My wicker bedroom furniture has become damaged and I would like to repair it myself.


Answer by  Flutterbye (161)

You will need to find out if your wicker is made of round reed, large reed, bamboo, cane, fiber rush or true rush. Once you figure that out purchase some. You will also need some small pruning shears, an awl or a flat bladed screwdriver, a soaking tank or bucket.


Answer by  Kerrelyn295 (59)

Well I see you got most of the supply list already. Once you got all of them ready soak your wicker for 24 hours so it is pliable and then you get to start weaving. Cut out what you are replacing first. You may have to stain new wicker.

Reply by RisingSunny (55):
I think the stain may not be necessary unless there is too much of a color difference because of wear on the old varnish (if any). Sometimes a good oiling will take care of the problem pretty quickly.  add a comment

Answer by  Denver283 (76)

Call the manufacturer of your furniture set. They will have a manual they can send you (if you did not already get one at time of purchase). Safest way to do it.


Answer by  Dface56 (90)

If you have a few loose strands of fiber, use fine grit sandpaper, rub lightly over the areas to remove the fibers. Use Linseed Oil to give it some moisture.

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