Question by  Palani13 (25)

Is it possible to replace dresser drawer slides?

Is it difficult to do?


Answer by  n1234c (22)

It is possible to replace most dresser drawer slides and if you are confident using basic hand tools, it's fairly easy to do. First, you need to determine what kind of slides the drawer has. It's best to take a drawer to a hardware store so they can help you choose the right slides for the project and offer advice.


Answer by  dhp (129)

For most dressers, this should be pretty simple - just some wooden pieces that fit into notches under your drawers. You can probably find some DIYs on the net.


Answer by  smith79 (129)

You can definitely replace dresser drawers with out a whole lot of effort. Most standard sizes are available at local hardware stores and are replaced with just the use of simple tools.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Yes it is. You can build them at home if you have the necessary materials. Take the wood and cut it so that it is aligned.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Yes, it is possible to replace dresser-drawer-slides. Many big box home improvement stores and local hardware stores carry new metal drawer slide kits, the alternative is to have custom matching wooden drawer slides fabricated on a router. The difficult part is usually carefully lining up the (2)mating parts of the slides before attaching them to the drawer and dresser.


Answer by  ktow70 (305)

yes you can the hard part is getting the replacement slide if using a diffrent slide u need to make sure to replace both components sometimes space can be an issue because they where installed before the top of the dresser was order parts from manufacturer will make easier


Answer by  brittann (200)

You just find the appropriate size slides at a hardware store. Unscrew the old slides and insert the new ones.


Answer by  npatin44 (258)

Its possible and fairly easy to replace dresser drawer slides. Replacement slides can be purchased at most big box hardware stores and are installed using general wood screws. Wood slides are made of fairly standard sized pieces of wood and only need to cut to length and nailed into place.


Answer by  digital1007 (113)

It is possible to replace dresser drawer slides. You would first take out the old drawer and see what kind of slide mechanism's it has. Depending on those factors this job could be relatively easy to moderately difficult. It all depends if you can access the slides from inside the cabinet or the outside of it.


Answer by  Josh41 (113)

Yes, it is possible to replace the drawer slides in your dresser. It is easy to do if you have some experience with simple hand tools, such as screwdrivers and pliers. New drawers slides can be found at most home improvement and hardware stores.

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