Question by  Martha (43)

Where can I get fabric samples to reupholster furniture?


Answer by  Denver283 (76)

What I did was go look at fabrics and wrote down the manufacturers that I liked. I called the manufacturers and all of them were happy to send me samples to work with. You could also look online for fabric manufacturers if you want to save a trip to store.


Answer by  Flutterbye (161)

Most fabric stores have fabric samples and, if asked, will let you go through the samples and select ones that you like. If they have extra large pieces they might cut them down a bit. Don't ask for more than six or so at a time just to be polite.

Reply by NessieGirl (103):
I gots mine from an upholster co. here. I just called and told them I was planning a project but didn't know what I wanted and they sent a rep out who went through the prices and fabrics with me and then left me with a bunch of samples.  add a comment
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