Question by  versace (17)

What can I do if the protect form button on ms word doesn't work?

The protect form button on ms word doesn't work.


Answer by  BigD103 (548)

Possibly the form is already protected or may have some other security restriction. Try doing a "save as" and opening the copy.


Answer by  Sting1 (686)

Select from the "View" menu "Toolbars" then "Control Toolbox". If the Design Mode button is highlighted, click it to turn it off.


Answer by  murali680 (559)

To solve this problem, we can use the padlock button on the forms toolbar is unprotected. We also will re protect the document if the fields are not reset. Or otherwise if the toolbar is not working the forms become as a unprotected section. Containing active X is the option to control the toolbox.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

There is no chance for the error which you have reported. Try to reinstall your MS Office and even if the error persists, Then the version you are using may be a demo or a partial version but not a full version. These advanced options are available only in Full and OEM versions.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

Check, if it is really a full version. Try to save the document with another name. You can use the menu "save as".


Answer by  Tina41 (70)

The save as, or the save button's are the only way to protect and store the ms word, and as far as I know there is no protect form button. I also think that depends on the version of ms word you have. My current ms word is 2007. That means you could have an older version.


Answer by  shiny807 (99)

If we can used the padlock button on the forms toolbar is unprotect and the same time it will reprotect the document, the fields are not reset. I m not sure if the toolbar not work means the forms contains unprotected sections. To control the toolbox the form contained acitveX.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

The protect form button should work. Make sure you save the document that you are working on after clicking protect form and then close the document. Next, re-open the document and see if it worked.

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