Question by  worker5176 (22)

How can I fix a "no memory" error on my computer?

I can't print through MS Works because it says there's no memory.


Answer by  scott71 (51)

Depends, does it say "Out of virtual Memory"? if so increase your page file. If it is referring to printer memory then you're using a font your printer can't recognize


Answer by  stech340 (36)

You can add more RAM and/or a bigger HDD or clean the space on your current hard drive. You may also want to defrag your current Hard Drive and remove all programs that you don't use.


Answer by  blue25 (346)

Since you have "no memory" then you have to delete some file in your computer to gave your computer some room to work with. "no memory" just mean that your computer don't have any left to do certain jobs. You should never use up all your memory inside your computer.


Answer by  Scotty (68)

The way to fix a no memory error is to go into the control pannel and click on programs and then go to uninstall programs. Erase unused programs. Also go through your documents and erase unused documents.


Answer by  PowerIsMe (844)

Apparently this is a problem identified by Microsoft and associated with your printer driver. They suggest that you upgrade your driver to the latest version. Head over to their website for more details and probably a patch exe.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

Bedst thing is to enlarge the temporary outsourcing file. You can find it in the control panel, then go to advanced.

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