Question by  prasanthi (56)

How do you repair a trigger trombone?

My trombone valves keep getting stuck and need to be repaired prior to a concert.


Answer by  tjshirley (116)

You first need to make sure that your strings on your trigger are still tied correctly and that they are not becoming frayed. If your strings are in tact, a quick fix is to use some trumpet valve oil to loosen it up. Then, have it looked at post-concert.

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My string is not tied correctly so how can i fix that?  add a comment

Answer by  Gary56 (6)

Valves can stick because they're dirty, or because the brand of valve oil being used does not work well with that brand of instrument. The valves can be cleaned in warm soapy water. Trying different brand of valve oil can also reduce sticking.


Answer by  Simo53 (90)

Why not speak to someone at your local music store? if they don't know how to fix it themselves, they should at least know someone in the area who can do it for you. I wouldn't try to fix it yourself if you need it for a concert.


Answer by  zenithzenish (98)

Trigger trombone can be repair by simple methods just take an air blower and try to clean the trigger trombone by compressing air into it, while compressing air automatically the dust particles will come out, this is a simple method to repair it.


Answer by  nicholas34 (606)

you have to go to the music store and pay them about 20 to 30 dollars tobe fixed and tell them its ergent


Answer by  jake341 (48)

If linkage, something bent or bearing needs lube. If bent, repairman. string actuated, strung correctly, tension correct? possible valve or casing not round, or bent shaft. corrected by repairman


Answer by  bb300 (110)

check to see if a valve is bent or has some trash on it. it may just need to be cleaned.

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