Question by  coj (79)

What is an alternative treatment for trigger finger?

I would like a different course of action for my trigger finger.


Answer by  selvan (58)

Physiotherapy provides a wide range of treatment for trigger finger. ultrasound therapy works more efficient. ultrasound is given at a intensity of 1mhz,ultrasound with an anti-inflammatory dexamethasone cream and also deep transverse friction massage to relieve thickening of the tendon. other Investigative treatment options include: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, occupational therapy,steroid iontophoresis treatment,splinting and Acupuncture.


Answer by  Kalyanasundram (27)

Treatment should begin when a person starts having difficulty moving the fingers. If started early, noninvasive measures have a good chance for success. Alternative treatments include acupuncture to facilitate healing and microcirculation, pulsed ultrasound, and myofascial release work for the affected area. Rest the fingers and stretch out after every 8 hours of work.

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