Question by  Karen813 (19)

Can dry ice repair a dent in a stainless steel refrigerator?

I heard that dry ice can be used to repair damage to stainless steel, is this true?


Answer by  caser (7)

Mythbusted! This is not true. You cannot repair a dent with dry ice. This task can only be completed by using a dent pulling tool. An auto mechanic can assist you with the required tools.


Answer by  heatherg (43)

No, this isn't true. Dry ice can not be used to pull a dent from a stainless steel refrigerator (or any stainless steel for that matter). The only way to pull a dent is using a suction device, like the ones they use for dents in automobiles.


Answer by  nate7 (37)

This is untrue. Dry ice can be used to repair refrigerators through application to the water pipe, which cuts off the flow of water into the refrigerator. Dry ice is simply a solid form of carbon dioxide. It cannot be used to repair a steel surface any more than regular ice could.


Answer by  sangee (135)

This is the same method used for paintless dent repair and hail damage at most auto body shops. If you don't feel comfortable handling the dry ice, I'm sure you can find a body and fender man who would like to earn couple of bucks on the side.


Answer by  Anonymous

This statement is false, we recently tried this as an experiment and found that it is in fact impossible to pull a dent from stainless steel using dry ice.


Answer by  dumpnrun77 (276)

This is an untrue statement, Dry ice can not and will not remove a dent from a refigerator. Your best bet is to use a small suction cup style dent remover or call a repairman.

posted by Anonymous
. How is it that half of you say that dry ice cannot remove dents on stainless steel, when i've been using this method for 20 plus years from car dents to fridges? This is SIMPLE physics. Do any of you actually try things before leaving comments?  add a comment

Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Yes it is believed that dry ice can repair a stainless steel refrigerator. A friend of mine used dry ice to repair his and it worked great. So try it and see how it goes.


Answer by  budweiserhans (49)

This is true in some instances. Your stainless steel must be 20 gauge or thinner and your dent can have no sharp edges. You will see results in 60 seconds.


Answer by  Anonymous

If you heat up the stainless with a hair dryer, hot, not just warm and then apply the dry ice, it will work.


Answer by  Anonymous

1. Use a hair dryer and dry ice. 2. Just taking safety measures warm the dented area with the help of a dryer. 3. Then hold the dry ice firmly upon the area (procedure depends upon the requirement). The dent will come out. Refrigerator repair Thousand Oaks

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