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Question by  schwibb (35)

How do you hold a trombone?

I need to know the proper technique.


Answer by  LPlatter (271)

Best suggestion: find a picture of a professional holding a trombone. Otherwise, try this (assuming instrument assembled). Left hand: Make hand into a gun; thumb around brace near slide lock ring; reach index finger onto mouthpiece receiver: wrap remaining fingers around first slide brace. Right hand: hold second slide brace at the bottom between thumb and first two fingers.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

The back end would be placed on the left shoulder, and the slide would be perpendicular and held by the right hand.


Answer by  makaveli1671 (80)

The key is to get a comfortable position on your shoulder. You rest the main part of the trombone on your shoulder and then you can use the slide easily.

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