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Question by  mogili (48)

How do you remove ear hair?

As I get older I have noticed that I have developed ear hair.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

Do not, whatever you do, use tweezers on ear hair. You can clip it with scissors and for hair near the outside of the ear, you can use hair removal products like Nair, but not in inner ear. It is best to purchase electric razors made specially to remove nasal or ear hair.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Ear hair is removed by minature scissors found in everyday grooming kits or with battery operated shaving devices. The thin often lightly colored hairs are difficult to see so its best to have someone do it for you.


Answer by  nitroburst (147)

Although I'm aware of many products specifically designed for this purpose. I prefer to use Hemostats.Hemostats are very versatile tools with an endless amount of uses. They are readily available at most Medical Supply stores.


Answer by  52 (7)

The Electric Razor - Most men opt for temporary ear hair removal. In fact the barber will often clip off any hairs that are particularly long or noticeable.

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