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Question by  jesshayl1 (79)

How do you rack pool balls?

I need to rack pool balls.


Answer by  smiley (36)

To rack pool balls for a game of eight ball, you should put the eight in the middle, a stripe in one corner, and a solid in the other.


Answer by  Tiffany60 (26)

Get the triangle and place the balls every other, meaning solid and stripes, placing the 8 ball in the center. Then roll the balls while in the triangle on the pool table and tighten the balls together by using your thumbs while rolling them into the proper place on the table. Lift the triangle off slowly.


Answer by  miamiheat333 (47)

You need to pool rack to begin. Stack the balls in an alternating fashion. Stripes touch solids, no stripe should touch a stripe and vise versa.


Answer by  happygal (86)

Place the rack on the table and put the bals inside the rack. Being careful not to slam or pound the balls on the table. For an 8 ball rack, place the 1 ball in the top corner and then alternate solid strip, with the eight ball in the center of the third row. Make them as tight as possible.


Answer by  whitedog65 (22)

The official method is to place the 1 ball on the spot, the 8 ball in the center, and the other balls in any random order.

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