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Question by  Mdrabbit (26)

Is there a uniform size for billiards and pool balls?

What is the standard size.


Answer by  worker5914 (33)

Sizes of billards change from country to country. For example Russian balls measure 2 11/16 (68mm). American style size are 2 1/4 (57mm).


Answer by  Zed36 (31)

A regulation billiard ball is 2. 25 inches in diameter and the weight must be between 5. 5 and 6 ounces.


Answer by  Joe52 (38)

Upon researching the Billirds Congress of America rules and specifications which refer to WPA euipment specifications all balls must measure 2. 25 inches in diameter and weagh 5. 5 to 6. 0 oz.


Answer by  Jerry45 (19)

The standard size of the balls used in billiards or pool are governed by the game played. Different games would call for different sizes, colors and patterns for the balls.


Answer by  trench (35)

Common billiards tables, are called 7 foot bar size (39"x78"). Billiard balls have a diameter of 2. 25 in. (5. 715 cm).

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