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Question by  ac (24)

Is it a good idea to plant crepe myrtles around a swimming pool?

I am trying to come up with trees to plant around my swimming pool, but am concerned about leaves and flowers accumulating in the water.


Answer by  Anonymous

The flowers on the crepe myrtles that fall into the pool can clog the skimmer basket, or pass all the way through the basket and into your pump, which could case problems. i have 4 of them by my pool and constantly have to fight with emptying the basket.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

Yes they will do good with the water and the chlorine will not hurt them to bad in small quantities. Be sure to plant them in nice nutrient rich soil to help build them strong.


Answer by  wonder47 (123)

Living in Florida, I have noticed that crape myrtles don't see to drop their flowers and leaves that often. What you could do is just get a pool cover or a net to put over the top so that they don't blow into the pool. Crape myrtles are very pretty and you should plant them, regardless.


Answer by  ttownbeast (341)

Trees and plants around a pool put additional strain on the filtration and add time for labor when maintaining a clear ph neutral swimming area use as few plants possible.


Answer by  georgekutty (173)

It is good idea. if it is around the swimming pool it will look beautyful. Dont allow them to grow inside the pool. Enstal around the pool natural plastic tree plants. It have leaves and flowers but your pool doesnot accumalating in the water. That way we can minimize our problem.

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