Question by  harishsrik (19)

How do I help a shih tzu with whelping?

My shih tzu is due in 3 weeks.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Make sure you have a vet on call for when your dog goes into labor, and be prepared for an emergency trip to the vet.


Answer by  Jill13 (263)

It is helpful to create a whelping box (instructions may be found online) and place it in an area that is not likely to be disturbed in the house.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

The only time you would need to help is if she cannot take care of it herself the biggest thing is to be there for her for emotional support.


Answer by  sprtn117 (70)

Provide a nice, warm box or crate located in an area away from noise and other activity. Make sure its comfortable for her. Also, make sure to have a non needle syringe and corn syrup on hand for the puppies. This is for the puppies that have trouble suckling. Other than that just let her on her own.


Answer by  mrsshelast (899)

Make her a welping box she will feel safe in. Make sure it has high side and place plenty of familar blankets in it so she will feel comfortable.

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