Question by  Zack13 (6)

What are the typical shih tzu cuts?

I don't know much about shih tzus.


Answer by  Aumlanka (291)

It depends on if the shih tzu is a show dog. If it is entered into dog shows it will have very long hair that sweeps the floor. There is usually a bow on top of the head, even males. As a pet most people keep the hair short.


Answer by  Kathy15 (44)

The typical cuts for Shih Tzu's are a shaved body with long hair left on their legs. They also often have a beard.


Answer by  ebonilla (12)

The best thing about shi tzu is their beautiful coat. So the typical cut for them is a small trim on the tail and face and keeping the rest long.


Answer by  msallen (39)

The typical style of Shih Tzu cut is shaving the entire body and doing a "puppy cut" on the head, leaving the tail long, keeping it looking like a puppy.


Answer by  Stripedfire (32)

Shih tzus are often either shaved to a very short length or completely grown out. The looks are very different, and the owner may decide between convenience and appearance.


Answer by  sherrellsumling (16)

My aunt has an shih tzu dog and she usually keep her dog with a low cut, and the top of the dog's head has enough hair for an ponytail. Petco usually does the hair cut so I believe that's the typical or most popular hair cut for shih tzus.

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