Question by  indu1955 (8)

How do you paint wall stripes?

I would like to paint stripes on the wall in my daughters room but would like them to look professional painted.


Answer by  Dave22 (98)

To paint wall stripes you have to mask areas that you don't want painted. First, measure the wall and mark (with light pencil) where you want the stripes. Then, put blue painters tape where you want there to be NO PAINT. Then, paint the wall as normal. Then remove the tape, you will then see stripes.


Answer by  worker5694 (130)

If you are painting them yourself, you can do so the best with three items: duct tape, a level, and a pencil. Figure out how far apart you want the lines and mark lightly with a pencil the two edges. Then with a level to make sure it is even, draw a line down the wall. Replace over this line with duct tape on either side of the stripe and paint the stripe in between.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

First paint your wall a solid color then use masking tape to mark out the edges of your stripes, remove the tape when your paint is completely dry.


Answer by  worker3576 (72)

The base colour should preferably be of a pastel shade. Thereafter,either you can use a 4 to 6 inch Roller or masking tape for doing the stripes in a different shade.

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