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Question by  blago (40)

What are some great colors for painting your kitchen?

I need to know the new hot colors for kitchen paint.


Answer by  chityadevi (52)

Dark color near to your sink and gas because it wont show the dust or oily. Remainig portion of the kitchen in mild colors,


Answer by  sherry (211)

well bright color like red and orange and yellow and lime green are all bright color and they make a person seem happy dark color make people gloomy. Also red and orange make you want to eat more and it help people happy and cheerful. It work too i know


Answer by  gaylec54 (30)

Yellow is a good color for kitchens, because it's cheery and bright. It's almost like bringing sunshine into the house, and puts the cook in a good mood. Light green is also a good color, because it reflects the green color of many of the foods that will be prepared in the kitchen.


Answer by  SANGEEMA (21)

My choice of colours would be - a dark green marble for the table of the kitchen, a shade of mauve tiles to line the walls 2 feet above the table area, and the walls painted in a royal blue would finish off the look.


Answer by  maber (1427)

I think that blue and green go great in the kitchen and there are many themes that you can use with those colors.

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