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Question by  chrisp (13)

How do you make a martini?

What are some varieties?


Answer by  beerchan (18)

There exist several variations of a "Martini". The classic recipe involves Gin and Vermouth. Vodka can also be used in place of Gin. A dry martini requires less Vermouth. The typical garnish is a tomato stuffed green olive. My favorite, the "Dirty Martini", includes the liquid contained within the olive jar.


Answer by  donfran (32)

To make a martini shake together gin, dry vermouth, and ice in a shaker, strain into a martini glass, and garnish with a green olive. Some varieties of a martini would be adding olive juice, replacing the green olive with a black one, or using vodka instead of gin.


Answer by  trigonometry (668)

A classical martini is four parts of gin and one part of dry vermouth. Use an olive as decoration. To make a more dry martini, increase the parts of gin. Do not confuse with the ready-made Italian aperitif named Martini.


Answer by  Ron27 (465)

A basic martini contains gin, vermouth, and an olive. You can add flavors to your martini to make it different, such as apple or strawberry. Use high quality gin.

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