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Question by  kandiman (33)

How do you install a reel seat in a boat?

I need to install a reel seat.


Answer by  hownd (32)

First you need to have the seat. inside the boat, find where the track for the seat is. Insert the seat bottom into the back of the track. Slide it from back to front. Pay attention that the seat is aligned with the track. The seat should slide in nicely.


Answer by  ashishpaul (5)

When selecting a seat make sure its I. D. is slightly greater than the diameter of the blank where it is to be installed. Use 1/2-inch masking tape bushings at either end of the seat to build up the blank and install using PC-7 epoxy paste, not rod builder's glue. Make sure you pack the gap between the bushings with the PC-7.


Answer by  worker2148 (144)

First find a seat that your boat can accomadate. Then you will need to attach the seat to the deck by drilling into the hull to attach the bolts. Make sure there is a stong point of contact. Seal around the bolts so that they do not leak.

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