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Question by  Mrhazmat3aolcom (16)

Where do I go to get my Sienna's seat belt latch repaired?

The seat belt latch in my Sienna is not catching.


Answer by  Mark15 (94)

Seat belts and seat belt parts are covered under a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Take your van to any Toyota dealer and they will repair or replace it for free. If the dealership wont perform the repair completely free of charge for any reason, contact Toyota corporate headquarters for assistance.


Answer by  DeDi (85)

I would start with the local Toyota dealership. The seat belt may be under warranty or they may make a minor adjustment for free. If a dealership is not an option, find an authorized Toyota repair station. You want to make sure the seat belt is fixed and working properly.


Answer by  Bo99 (392)

First of all, look in the yellow pages for a Sienna dealer near your home, then phone him to make sure that he has everything to fix it.


Answer by  Bart41 (178)

The best place to get your Sienna's seat belt latch repaired is at a Toyota dealership. Even if the repair costs more than at a local garage it has a better chance of being done correctly. You really do not want to try to save money when safety is involved.

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